Saturday, December 23, 2006

8 arms of bs

TV is a bad influenceYeah. Saturday morning and I'm sitting here naked watching "Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive" on E. It's a reality show featuring eight or ten spoiled sons and daughters of rich people (Pat Benatar, Lou Ferrigno, Yahoo!'s CEO Terry Semel, Anthony Quinn, Robert Blake, etc.) sent out to a ranch and then a cattle drive. It's pathetic. I can't imagine that any of the parents are not deeply ashamed of their kids when watching this show. Courtenay Semel alone likes to say that "there's more to me than being a spoiled brat ... I like to sit by the pool ... I get an allowance of $4,000 a month and I choose not to work."

A few other great quotes: "a lot of these guys, their hobby is complaining that things aren't the way they want them to be" ... "the best part of these kids dribbled down their daddy's legs."
On the flip side, I had two hours of uber-intellectual conversation last night with the woman I met from craigslist. She was nice but I can tell there would always be a reserve between us because as we touched upon more personal topics (like I brought up what I'd written yesterday on Dr. Phil's "advice") she spoke only from a theoretical viewpoint rather than venture into anything personal. We discussed everything from the upcoming elections in Germany to Meyers-Briggs testing to the controversy over the creation of a federal bank under Alexander Hamilton. I was exhausted when 9:00 rolled around (only one Guinness contributing to that) and went home and right to bed.

My game plan for today is kind of up in the air with the price of gas. If I head into my office it will be on the way to tonight's party rather than two separate trips.